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Character analysis chart by MOMOpJonny Character analysis chart by MOMOpJonny
I made my own chart/graphic to better analyse a hero/villain/etc. I made it to serve as a beginner's starting point for OC character concept or for anyone else to give a detailed breakdown of their character. The chart graphic in the upper corner is parted into 12 factors:
1. Strength.
2. Speed.
3. Threshold. (how long character can go before out of the game)
4. Resistance.
5. Experience.
6. Adaptability
7. Intellect.
8. Teamwork.
9. Skillset.
10. Sociablility.
11. Motivation.
12. Maturity.

Using these 12 factors of a character between 0 - 100, detail how your character's personality, abilities, & capabilities affect who they are.

EXAMPLE: DC Comics' Batman (Bruce Wayne)
1. 45 - average human is 15. Batman's strength is Human Apex (between 40~60).
2. 35-50 - depending on factors (poisons, gravity, armor weight, etc.) he can be average fast or Olympic fast.
3. 75 - Because he's Batman so he can endure practically hell (or 30 sec. unprotected in space vacuum) & he's still human.
4. 60 - Batman can resist many tortures common to crime fighting, but he is still human & vulnerable to anything supernatural or cosmic.
5. 80 - he's been at this a long time, but hasn't quit yet so there's more for him to see & behold.
6. 85 - B/C Batman notes any room for improvement for Round 2 & prepares accordingly.
7. 80 - years of study & physical preparedness. But uses it to protect Gotham, so limits self mostly to street crime & occasional world saving.
8. 50 - prefers loner working, but will ask for help if it's the logical course of action.
9. 85 - Ninja, Detective, inventor, father, businessman, & Superhero.
10. 65 - keeps a public image by day, but a brooding crime fighter by night. Has been more opening himself up in recent years.
11. 95 - seeing parents killed in front of himself at age 8 is his driving force to save people.
12. 100 - had to grow up fast after his origin. Doesn't allow for frivolous free time.
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